Top 10 Future Educational Opportunities

Educators that are not focused on the future have already been left behind.  I have focusretro-dudeed on and the Horizon Report.  Here is another report published in EdWeek.  This report focuses on areas that educators need to be preparing themselves to engage.

I really like the pairing of mobile technology and parental engagement.  These two must coincide.  We need to bring parents into the 21st century with our students.  Failing to do both simultaneously will bring about bad results.  So, it’s time to put on our “future vision” goggles and seriously think about what tomorrow has in store for us all.

Helicopter Parenting and Students’ Mental Health


Here’s a solid article on the impact of helicopter parenting.  The correlational studies might be circumstantial, but we need to be aware of the possibility or probability that close parenting styles can have long-term impacts on our kids.

Putting the brakes on 1-to-1 programs…


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Technology is only as good as the ability of the teacher to use it properly.  Failure to preform necessary professional development with faculty and staff prior to any tech roll-out will guarantee failure of the initiative.

This article from EdWeek discusses the Miami-Dade district’s decision to make sure these resources weren’t wasted.