This is my blog space.  It used to be much more robust, but time and inertia deleted much of the prior awesome content.  I am a fan of video blogging and will post as many of them from my various past assignments as I can find.

I live in Ft. Lauderdale with my awesome wife, Jamey of 17 years.  I have been described as an “ed. tech addict.”  I have been in the classroom for 15 years and LOVE finding new ways to introduce concepts to students using technology with which they are familiar.

Teaching French, I find that the potential of technology in the classroom is astronomical!  There is so much a teacher is able to bring to bear with a good server and network at their disposal.

I love finding new gems to use in the classroom.  This year I am using Nearpod.  It is an amazing, engaging tool that assesses students as they work through the lesson.  It can be used in the classroom and at a distance.  Additionally, I like to incorporate Edmodo into my assignments.  with Edmodo, students are able to upload and download audio and video content and learning objects.  The site also tracks student participation and has a built-in grade book.

This semester semester my degree will be complete.  I look forward to learning and applying what we encounter in this course to the ever-expanding tech world at my school!

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