Jennifer McDonald-Peltier created a Google Slides presentation about Covid-19.  Students and educators may find it helpful.  The presentation is narrated by the author.

Just sharing a resource I made: a core vocabulary ‘book’ about what’s going on right now – it’s called What is going on?!?
Students can read the book at their own pace in the Google slide show – just click the ‘Present’ button to hear me read each page; use the keyboard to move to the next slide (space bar, enter key, down arrow, or right arrow), or use the mouse to click the ‘next slide’ button in the presenter toolbar. Try this as a shared reading activity! If it’s easier to just have the whole book read automatically, here’s a video of the slideshow.
Hope this helps the folks you work with. Please reach out if you want:
– Variant versions of this book for ex. adults who don’t go to school.
– To know how I made the book.
– To give me topic ideas for other books.
Take care, everyone!

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