Hello.  My name is Matt and I am an information junkie.

Personally, I use technology in seemingly every aspect of my life.  I pay my bills electronically, I do my banking online, I DVR stuff, I Skype friends and family, I use digital cable and I use a secure high-speed wireless network at home and work.  I am almost genetically connected to my iPhone and all of its apps.

Five years ago my obsession would have been viewed with dubious curiosity.  Today, I am in the mainstream.

In 2009, my wife and I relocated to Ft. Lauderdale.  This stimulated a big change for us.  We decided to drop out dependence on a “land line” in our home and switch to cell phones for communication.  The change was a huge success.  We got rid of the thermal fax machine, and switched to scanned PDFs and email.  After a year, we began to use Facetime to talk where we could and moved into an unlimited text plan.

Learning how to best use all of these great tools, indeed, will require an investment of time, however, once in place the technology gives me much more control and freedom.  I can find the best prices on items I am going to buy for the house on a Saturday afternoon.  My wife and I can find maps to new restaurants and other locations on the fly.  This saves me time and money.

This summer my wife and I went on a two-week vacation in France.  We would not have survived without the amazing cellular network that we were able to tap into for maps, tour guides, information and communication.

Allow me to be clear.  Email is not the best form of communication for all situations, nor is Facebook or texting.  Voice has its best fit as well.  As long as we remember this concept, we will keep all of our technology in perspective and benefit from using it.