Day 1 Reflection

Dr. Holder introduced himself and the class Today our focus seemed to revolve around research and the importance of gathering good, relevant data and using it to develop a literature review that helps those who read it better understand our train of thought.  Good research has no expiration date.

we looked at an educational myth — Dale’s Cone of Experience.  As it turns out, it is not based on any research.  It is a fabrication.  It was a solid launching point to discuss the need to check what we are seeing as we conduct research to make sure all of our information is data-driven.

We dove into the JFL and some of the research features available beyond “Search Everything.”  This began a discussion about the five-year-or-younger requirement for reference material to be used in our studies. Eric, we learned is effectively dead, and choosing Education Research Complete/Academic Search Complete are great options for launching research.
We also attended the dissertation lecture to make sure we understand the process.
Our final discussion point was to make sure that we narrow our research in our group literature review.  Sound advice for sure!